Hi All,
Today I have a special Guest Blogger for you, an expert in Lead Generation.

He is a good friend of mine and his name is Sean Drayton.
Sean Drayton is a Perth SEO Expert and the Founder and Managing Director of Top SEO Pages (http://topseopages.com.au).

Sean has an extensive career in the IT industry spanning over 20 years and numerous qualifications to accompany that experience. Combining his IT experience along with his entrepreneurial business services, his company is well positioned to help businesses grow their online presence.

Sean is going to give you some simple yet effective Lead Generation strategies for Beginners…

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Hi All,

Today I thought I would direct you to a post by one of my favorite Bloggers, Ferny Cebbalos.  He answers the old question “Is It Ok to ‘Steal’ Someone Else’s Downline?”

Make Money Online







Yes, I can almost hear you screaming at me now lol…..This has always been a taboo subject in MLM and Network Marketing.

Nothing is worse than finding out your downline has been ‘Poached’ by another person.

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4 ways to beef up your content AND your wallet…

Happy New Year!

Now that all the holiday craze is starting to quiet down, let’s get serious.

Few people know this, but 2 weeks ago, on December 20th to be exact, was the 25th anniversary of the very first website.

make money online easily
The internet was around before, but the World Wide Web, the medium for information exchange as we know it today was launched 25 years ago.



And over those 25 years, trillions of bytes of data has been spewed all over the web, as millions of websites have been launched, and continue to launch.

That’s a heckuva lot of information.

And your prospects are drowning in this sea of information every time they do a search on Google, look at their inbox or scan their Facebook newsfeed.

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5 Daily Practices for a Perfect Week

Hi All,

Just thought I’d direct you to another great post before the New Year is upon us.

It is a Post by Matt Crystal and I am sure you will get a lot out of it.

It is titled….

5 Daily Practices for a Perfect Week

This information will take you to the next level……

Click Here to be taken to the Post…..


Michael Harrington

P.S.  Would you like some FREE MARKETING SYSTEMS??  Click Here

Perfect Week

12 Mistakes Even Smart Bloggers Make

Hi all,

Thanks again for heading to my Blog where top Bloggers hang out.

Today I would like to direct you to a fantastic article written by Andrew Draughon, one of my favorite Bloggers.


Click Here for the Full Article











If you are like me, you may tend to make the odd mistake….not often though haha.  Anyway, Andrew will go through 12 Mistakes that even the Top Bloggers make.

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Hey All,

Today I was reading one of my top rated Blogs, and I came across a great article that I think you will get a lot out of.  It is written by Ferny Ceballos, one of my favorite Marketers who I have learnt a heck of a lot from.

attraction marketing










Be sure to have a read.  His teachings and methods alone have made many people a lot of $$$$$

Here is an excerpt from his latest post….

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Hi All,

Thanks again for visiting my Blog.

Today I am going to direct you to a fantastic Blog Post on a…..

15-Minute Formula for Writing Irresistible Headlines

irresistible headlines

Click for the Blog Post








One of the world’s greatest copywriters – Gary Bencivenga – said that if you can improve yourself by just 1% per week, you’ll quickly become an expert in your field.

And what better skill to master than the art of crafting irresistible headlines.

Here’s why…

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My secret stash of “adult” magazines… Guest Post

My secret stash of “adult” magazines… Guest Post

Guest Post…..Read On…

I have a secret stash of “not for kids” magazines, safely locked away in my filing cabinet.

Every morning, when everyone’s out of the house, I get them out and dig right in.

Can’t blame me huh????…….Nothing like….

Guest Post

Wanna Hear a Secret?




And a bunch of other bizarre, shocking and scandalous stuff.


Do you wanna know why?

Read on……

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Thanks For Checking out my Free Marketing Techniques Blog

Hi all

Just a quick post to welcome you to my Free Marketing Techniques Blog.

I hope you will find lots of useful information here on how you can market your business opportunity for free or with as little outlay as possible.

I have had a break from Blogging, but you will still find tons of relevant and updated information here to get you started.   I’ll be back regularly to update you on all the latest and greatest free marketing techniques that all the pros and gurus are using.

Not sure where to go from here??….

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Internet Marketing: Great business tips for business bees

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I last blogged as I have been busy on a few projects.  But today I would like to introduce you to Brianne, and a great Internet Marketing post of hers that I want to share with you.

Internet Marketing

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It is on a favourite topic of mine…

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is gaining in popularity. But the popularity does not comes fortnight. Rightful implementation of several effective strategies help in the process.

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