Partner Spotlight: 明柯夫 & 的同事

Started by Steve 明柯夫, 明柯夫 & 的同事 is the new face of finance. Steve is among the top 1% of Ameriprise Advisors and has been recognized as a top Bay Area Advisor in SF Magazine and Diablo Magazine. 明柯夫 & 的同事 was created to cater to Bay Area clients and specialize in tech, 股票期权, 妇女和家庭.

什么是明柯夫 & 的同事’ history in the San Francisco Bay Area?
明柯夫3Steve 明柯夫 is from the Bay Area and began working with clients on the Peninsula 25 years ago. 明柯夫 & 的同事 has always been located in San Francisco and recently moved to a new, modern office in the heart of the Financial District. Steve is among the top 1% of Ameriprise Advisors and has been recognized as a top Bay Area Advisor in SF Magazine and Diablo Magazine.

Tell us something most people don’t know about 明柯夫 & 的同事.
We are the new face of finance. 史蒂夫创建明柯夫 & 的同事 to cater to Bay Area clients and we specialize in what they need: tech, 股票期权, 妇女和家庭.

What do you like best about your role at 明柯夫 & 的同事?
• Building relationships with clients and staff to help them achieve their goals.
• From a client perspective: Steve has clients that have been with him for 25 years which has allowed him to share and help plan for major milestones; marriage, 孩子们, 大学和退休. It’s been extremely rewarding experience.
• From an employee perspective: Steve has developed a unique office environment which fosters growth, empowerment and opportunities.

明柯夫2如何明柯夫 & 的同事 serve the San Francisco Bay Area community, and why is it important for you to do so?
It is extremely important for 明柯夫 & 的同事 to give back the Bay Area community and stay connected with what is truly important to our clients. 在过去的几年里, we have dedicated our time to various charities, including City Youth Now, 树皮的生活, PAWS (Pets are a Wonderful Support), 举几个例子. In honor of Steve’s 25th anniversary, 明柯夫 & 的同事 dedicated 2015 to giving back to local charities our clients care about most: Children’s Council, 马林慈善, our team ran a half-marathon to raise money for Cancer in the Family Relief Fund.

Not only have we dedicated time and money to great causes, being a successful practice has afforded Steve to give back to his peers, 包括:
-Internship opportunities at 明柯夫 & 的同事
-Employment opportunities
-Industry education and exposure to our employees (past and present)
-Mentorship opportunities – Steve coaches other advisors in the Bay Area as well as entrepreneurs looking for help organizing their businesses.

How has being a SF Chamber member helped your business or organization?
Being part of the Chamber has helped our team stay connected to our community and has allowed our office to network with our peers. Staying on top of our local presence is extremely important to us while we show support to other small businesses in the area.

What are some of 明柯夫 & 的同事’ keys to success, and why or how has San Francisco been a factor in that?
明柯夫 & 的同事 key to success is our passion, experience and our commitment to client service. Our three core principles include a planning based approach, 全面的建议, and relationship management. 另外, the San Francisco/ Bay Area community has a very unique demographic unlike a lot of other cities, which is why we continue to develop a successful business that aligns with our community. We’ve had employees that specialize in LGBT, 妇女和家庭, tech/股票期权 and small businesses.

明柯夫1How long have you been with Ameriprise Financial Services?
Steve is celebrating his 25th anniversary of being a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial.

What are your favorite parts of San Francisco?
Steve’s favorite part of San Francisco is how unique and diverse it is on many levels. As a metropolitan area, it is very unique which is what makes San Francisco what it is. Everything that he likes about the city, he has incorporated into his business.
-The vibrant food scene and rich culture and history
-San Francisco has the ability to make the old new again. For example, Steve purchased our 1911 building, renovated it to make it current.