Happy New Year!

Now that all the holiday craze is starting to quiet down, let’s get serious.

Few people know this, but 2 weeks ago, on December 20th to be exact, was the 25th anniversary of the very first website.

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The internet was around before, but the World Wide Web, the medium for information exchange as we know it today was launched 25 years ago.



And over those 25 years, trillions of bytes of data has been spewed all over the web, as millions of websites have been launched, and continue to launch.

That’s a heckuva lot of information.

And your prospects are drowning in this sea of information every time they do a search on Google, look at their inbox or scan their Facebook newsfeed.

THAT is your real competition online, and it ain’t gonna get easier.

But there is good news.

You can separate yourself from the masses by making your content a lot more valuable.

Which is the only way to get and keep anyone’s attention anymore, something you’ll need if you want more traffic, leads and lots more sales this year.


Glad you asked…

I’m going to kickoff 2016 with a brand new blog post by Andrew Draughon, where he shows you exactly how to do it.

Here it is…

4 ways To Beef Up Your Content And Your Wallet…


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Michael Harrington








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