How to use Word 2007 as a Blogging Tool

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Today I wanted to share an article on how to use Word 2007 as a Blogging tool.  This article has come from How to Geek, which is a really great resource.

Microsoft Word 2007  is a wonderful tool for writing documents, but did you know that you can now use it to post to your blog as well? This is tremendously useful if you tend to write very long, wordy posts, or if you just can’t spell.

To begin blogging, click on the Office button in the upper left hand corner, and then New, and then choose New blog post.


Now the ribbon will change to show the blogging tools. Click on the Manage Accounts button.

You’ll see that I’ve already setup an account for myself in the list, but you should click on New.

Now you’ll be asked what your blogging platform is. In my case, I’m using a custom WordPress installation, so I’ll choose that.

Now enter in the relevant information for your site, and choose whether to remember the password. You should also take a look at the Picture Options button, because Word 2007 can automatically upload images to certain blogging platforms, which is much easier than doing the ftp option.

Now you can start writing… you can add categories to your posts, and Word 2007 will automatically connect to your blogging platform and download the list of categories. Depending on the blogging platform you can even create new categories directly from within Word 2007.

You can open an old post by using the Open Existing button, or even publish a draft to your site.

Word 2007 has really turned into an amazing blogging editor, well worth a look if you spend a lot of time in Word anyway.

I hope this helps you with your Blogging.

Word 2007 is a great tool to use, and makes Blogging so much easier.

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Happy Blogging

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