Three Best Ways Business Cards Can Enhance Social Media Marketing

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Today I would like to share a guest post with you all from my friend Michael Chibuzor.  I hope you find his post on Social Media Marketing as interesting as I did.

Business cards are powerful and proven to enhance social media marketing. I recently started implementing some tips to my social media campaign, and before I knew what was happening, success began to happen.

There is so much potential in a well-crafted business card.

In this post, I want to reveal 3 best ways business cards can enhance social media marketing easily. I’m sure you’ll pick up helpful gems from here. Enjoy it…

1. Put Your Idea In a Business Card

And because we’re fed up with marketing hype and empty promises from so-called affiliate gurus, we tend to ignore honest and profitable business opportunities. If you render a service online, most clients will not believe you, even after viewing your array of portfolio and all the exploits you’ve achieved.

By simply putting all these ideas in a business card, something phenomenal has happened that you do not see. We see people by their disposition and that’s why “first impression is key!”
Put your idea in a business card and share with potential clients.

Whatever you say with your mouth is a personal opinion and may not be accepted. Having it on a business card sends a signal and would consistently convict the recipient to consider you.

It’s time to stop talking and start sharing – don’t you think so?

2. Communicate Professionally From the Get-Go

When you meet a prospective client, communicating professionally might arouse their interest in you. The best strategy that works with business card marketing is when someone directly asks you for it.
Rather than struggling to get someone have your business card, exhibit strong professional disposition. When you shake a stranger, ensure you grip his hand firmly but don’t break it (Lol)!
When you meet someone for the first time, don’t introduce yourself as “Mr.” It’s wrong to add this to your name. If you’re “Terry West”, then tell your acquaintance exactly what your parents gave you. ‘Mr’ is just a title that shows maturity, and it should come from prospective clients not you.
Have a professional business card.

If you cannot design a catchy and exceptional business card, seek the services of a graphic designer. It’s a great success-step in your business.

3. Make Your Business Card Sociable

If business card must enhance social media marketing, then it must be sociable.

When someone receives your card, he should be able to share with others, tell others about it and even exchange with potential clients who need such media marketing
The concept of crowd-sourcing comes to play vividly here. When people decide to promote your business without getting paid, you’ll experience a top notch improvement in your marketing campaign.

Popular brands names like Amazon, Apple, Disney etc. are enjoying free advertisement from satisfied customers. Everything on your card should direct an individual or corporate firm to share with others. discount coupon and psprint discount codes are great deals to help you save when printing bulk business cards.

This is the only way to go beyond borders – affect more lives and drive targeted traffic to your online and offline businesses. With all humility and courtesy, encourage those who receive your business card to share with friends, colleagues and clients.

Business Card Recap

Don’t forget to add your Facebook page address and Twitter handle on the reverse side of your business card.

This is the safest and effective way to get more visits, greater conversion and juicier influence around major social networking sites. Quality service will announce you to the world, while mediocre will mar your marketing endeavor.
Join the engaged marketing train before it leaves the train and enhance social media marketing with a business card. As you do this, social media success is sure. Will you?

About the Author:

Mike Chibuzor is a Social Media Examiner and helps small businesses increase their twitter following. He writes in his vistaprint coupon codes and psprint gift codes site and occasionally for These discount coupon and psprint discount codes can help you save on business card.







Thank you Michael for another great post.  You have done a great job on highlighting ways in which Business Cards can enhance Social Media Marketing.

We all look forward to your next valuable post.

Happy Marketing :)

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