Marketing Methods – For The Last Time People, Expand Your Marketing Methods

marketing methods

marketing methods

Hi all,

Today I would like to talk about different Marketing Methods.  These Marketing methods are a bit left field, but you have to think outside the square if you wish to succeed.

There are the conventional methods for marketing, like cold calling, social media marketing and so on.

What if I told you those weren’t your only options.

Try to expand your concept of what it is that you are doing. You find an awesome video somebody else did, you tell people about it, right. Any of the marketing methods that comes at a high price should be the last resort.

The Post-It Marketing Methods

Scared of talking to people face to face. Well, sooner or later you are going to have to. If you are to be very successful. A lot of people don’t get that courage until they have accomplished something.

So get some post-it notes and advertise on them and post them all through your city. gas pumps are my favorite place to put them because people are forced to stand there while their gas is pumping. Very simple to do and very inexpensive.

Be Your Own Billboard Marketing Methods

That is right get some t-shirts made and even decal your vehicle with your logo and website name. That is what big companies do and you would be surprised how cheap it is when you get some poster board and cut a stencil out and a can of spray paint and paint your own car with your logo.

It is up to you how you want to self promote but those are some really good ways. Imagine walking through a store with your shirt on and somebody comments on it and you got the start out of the way.

Now you have been invited to talk about your own company.

Money Talks Marketing Methods

Now with this method you may want to check the laws of your country or who ever provides you with your currency. The one thing that most people have that you want is money. Money circulates around like crazy.

Write your website address and a message on all of your money and as you spend it.. it is free advertising. Just make sure that is legal to do. If you feel like doing it anyway, go ahead at your own risk. I am not telling you to break the law.

This kinda leads to another related marketing method so i’m not going to make a new title for it but you can write your address on anything that gets passed around a lot.

Cigarette lighters are a good one, because those things get lost all the time. Nobody knows where they go but they do end up somewhere. Either get some made or use a black marker on a white lighter.

Marketing Methods Conclusion

marketing methods

marketing methods

You can never be too inventive with your marketing methods but you can limit yourself without knowing it. Let your mind go free and think of more ways than you see here.

Another one of the good marketing methods is to give of your marketing knowledge to those who don’t know as much as you do. I even thought of some of these while writing this for you, so, coming up with marketing methods isn’t difficult as long as you have an imagination.

I hope these different marketing methods help you in your marketing.

Please leave comments below or your thoughts on different marketing methods.

Till next time,

Happy Marketing.

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