What is a Blog, and why do I need one?

what is a blog
what is a blog

The Literal Answer To, What Is A Blog

Blog is short for web log. Looks very much like a normal website. It is a platform on which people write articles easily while keeping everything organized.

Blogs are used by many people these days, from the average person to Bill Gates, the PC business man.

So I will explain to you, what is a blog to the average person and what is a blog to the business person and why it is so crucial if you own a business. I will also discuss how to start your own.

What is a blog to the average user?

For those who write in them it is a way to express themselves and to socialize. Think of it as the “very personal social network”.

Some of the different ways you could use a blog are showing off photos you’ve taken, telling jokes, an organized recipe site with all your own personal recipes in it, personal movie reviews, and pretty much anything you can think of.

What is a blog to a business person

Well in businesses having an online presence is very important. So, they use blogs to advertise and connect with people.

There are many advantages to using a blog versus a normal website.

First, the theme of your website does not change from page to page which is desirable so potential customers don’t get confused.

Secondly, Most internet users use search engines for specific things they are looking for and search engines, such as google, love blogs.

What is a blog to somebody who has never used one before

In short, a birthday present you should have opened years ago. Starting with those of you who just want to have a place on the web of your own.

Now assuming I answered, What is a blog, well enough for you to understand how great they are. I will tell you how to start your very own.

There are two options here the free route and then owning your own website to blog on. I’ll start with the free.

It is very very simple. Go to Blogger.com, set up an account and start writing. Told you it was simple.

what is a blogNow for those of you who want your own website I recommend to you hostgator.com. You can register a website name there and have it hosted there too for a very low price.

After you have that setup your left with just a blank website and it’s not a blog yet. All you need to do is go to the control panel and find wordpress and follow the install steps.

Then your all done.

Just play with the settings until you get it looking the way you want and you can just start writing away.

Now, for those of you who are making money or wanting to make money. I say again, assuming I answered, What is a blog, well enough for you to understand how great they are.

I have to suggest to you guys a blogging platform and community that will make you money whether you own your own business or not.

My suggestion for that would be Empower Network for a couple of reasons.

First off, you get 100% of all money made by using their system and it only cost $25 a month. That and you get exclusive training from some of the top earners in the online industry.

If anybody ever asks you What is a blog? You should be ready now to teach them a thing or two.

That’s all I have for “What Is A Blog 2012 Edition”

Happy Blogging :)

what is a blog





Michael Harrington

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