How I Monetized My Blog without Adsense


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I was unlucky to be banned from Adsense for the reason I used free and paid traffic generation and they did not like it. At first I was very unhappy, but to be honest when I sat down and thought about it was a blessing in disguise.

I started thinking how would I monetize my blog, even with Adsense it was not making any real money so I had to find a solution that will fit in with my Blog as well as make me serious money.

I did a search on the Internet but nothing really looked like it was going to work for me, then I thought about Cickbank, as I have been a member for a while but not really a marketer as this stage I did go and have a look how I could incorporate it into my blog as the commission you can earn on one sale would be more than I would earn from Adsense in one year at the trend things were going.

So if you want try this Strategy to make money without Adsense you have to do the Following

1. Get a Clickbank Account (If you have one skip this) this is free se link at bottom of page.

2. When your account is Setup go to Marketplace it is a link on top of the page. There is some videos here you can look at.

3. On the Right hand side you will find categories, you can select a category that fits in with your blog or the closest.

4. Now you must look through the List and see what looks like it will sell, as well if it’s worth it, by that I mean what is the commission per sale. And see if they have marketing material for their product. (Normally you will find an affiliates link there)

5. But first if you have decided ona product I want you to click on the promote button. Now it will create your clickbank affiliate links, copy these links into a text document and save it as we will need it later.

6. Now go to the affiliate link of the product see what banners they have normally I would choose a good Horizontal and one Vertical banner. See one of my blogs to get an Idea link at bottom of page to see how it looks. Then save these banners where you can access it easily.

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7. Now that we have our links and banners we can go to our blogger blog.

8. Choose to design, then select layout on the left hand side.

9. Here you select add gadget, do not worry too much where it is at this point as when you are finish you can drag it to where you need it displayed like on top Horizontal or in the Vertical Bar. In the Add Gadget window scroll down until you get picture then click on the ” +” Icon.

10. Now paste your clickbank affiliate link in the link box, and then go to Image from your computer and Upload the banner you want. See if you need to shrink it if need be tick the box.

11. Now you can save it and drag it to the position you want. Use the Preview button to see how it looks, and the back button to get back to the layout from the preview screen.

12. When you are happy save the arrangement.

13. Now just go to your blog and test the links, if it works 100% then we have succeeded.
Now just wait for the sales to start, good luck.  Forget about Adsense! and Clickbank at

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I hope you enjoyed this article on How I Monetized My Blog without Adsense

Happy Marketing without using Adsense 🙂


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