How to Increase Backlinks With Blog Carnivals

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If you missed my last post on getting .EDU and .Gov backlinks, you can view the whole Article HERE.

As you know, the best way to increase your Google Rank and increase website traffic, is to generate lots of backlinks pointing back to your website.  I have talked about many ways to do this, but I have never mentioned Blog Carnivals.

What Are Blog Carnivals?

blog carnivalsBlog Carnivals are basically an event put on by one Blogger (the host) and all other Bloggers are participants.  It is like a Promotional event for anyone that has a Blog.  What happens is the host announces a topic for a post, and all participants write on that topic.  They then send the link back to the host for their specific post for the Blog Carnival.

Now, on the date specified by the Blog Carnivals host, a post will be updated with a link to all the Bloggers that have posted on that particular topic.  Some Hosts will leave a short description, but this is up to the person running the Blog Carnival.

All participants are expected to leave a link back to the Blog Carnival.  This drives traffic back to the Blog Carnival, which in turn will drive traffic back to your Blog.  It is a win win situation and getting involved in Blog Carnivals can do wonders for your website traffic.

blog carnivals

Blog Carnival Submitter

There are so many different variations of Blog Carnivals.  Some will run weekly, some monthly, some at random times throughout the year.  I suggest you find a Blog Carnival host, and get involved.  It is very easy, and you are writing posts on your Blog anyway.  You may as well use them as a backlinking tool with Blog Carnivals.

The best place I have found for Blog Carnivals is

Here you can host Blog Carnivals, participate in Blog Carnivals and ask for submissions from other Blog carnival participants.  It is basically a one stop shop as far as Blog Carnivals go.

This is a great resource, and can literally help you get thousands of backlinks from high PR sites.

The whole process can be automated, and will literally generate thousands of high quality backlinks directly to your website.  Below you will find a method to do this on autopilot, and FAST!!!

  • Select the posts you wish to submit
  • Hit the ‘Submit Articles’ link and your post will be added to thousands of Blog Carnivals all on autopilot.

Can you see how easy it is?

I hope this article on Blog Carnivals helps you get thousands of backlinks for your website.

Please let me know how you get on.

Happy Posting!!

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