How to Effectively Use The Law of Attraction

By Diana Legaspi

the law of attractionUsing the law of attraction, you can get anything you want. You can get the material things you desire, the dreams to want to fulfill and you can live life the way you want it. The beautiful promise of the law of attraction has overwhelmed millions and millions of people all around the world.

How exactly will you use the law of attraction in your life? We know that visualization plays a big role on how to manifest your desires. Many experts have already been sharing the exact manner of how they did it.

The internet has been loaded with tons and tons of information about using the powers of the law. Frustrations are overwhelming to those who easily give up. Just like all other laws, there are rules to be followed. To unleash the powers of the law of attraction to its highest potential, you should know how to basically make use of it within yourself. Basically, you have to involve yourself to a basic commitment.

When you are applying the law of attraction, do the following:

1. You have to declare your intentions. You have to affirm and believe that you already have whatever it is that you want. You have to recite your affirmations whenever you can. Basically, you have to instil and overwhelm yourself of the idea that you are what you want. You have to do it with sincere emotions and full conviction. It is also best that you go to a single room, alone, focus on self-talk and mold yourself into what you want to be.

2. Never allow negative thoughts to penetrate your mind. Of course, unwanted situations are unavoidable at times. We are always facing situations that challenge our patience and our character. If you are about to say something negative or stop yourself from doing something because you think it’s impossible, stop! Take a deep breath and say to yourself: “I’m possible!”

Always bear this in mind that nobody can stop you but yourself. If you think somebody stopped you from doing or achieving something, you’re wrong. They are nothing but distractions to block your way, but not exactly to stop you. People will discourage you and put you down, but it’s always up to you if you are going to stop or keep on going and keep on fighting.the law of attraction

Take note that if you can’t make a decision now, you are still making a decision after all. Whether you are finalizing your thoughts or keeping yourself hanging, you are always making a decision.

3. Never doubt yourself. It always goes back to step number one, believe. When you say you can do it, do not doubt yourself in doing what it is that you want to do. You also have to believe that good things are already happening and manifesting in your life. You have to feel and allow yourself to indulge in the happiness and satisfaction of already having achieved your dream.

Here is where your picture board comes in. Cut beautiful pictures and paste these on a board, or probably on the corner or on your wall where you can see it every day. This powerful tool will keep you reminded of your dreams and goals to keep you going. Moreover, picture boards greatly enhance your visualization.

4. Just act; just do it. Make way for it to happen. However, in doing this step, make sure to consider the law of karma. Whatever you do will always get back to you. Apply the Golden Rule: “do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.” You reap what you sow, you get what you deserve. The main point is, if you only keep on daydreaming and not do anything, the universe won’t be doing anything for you as well.

Will Smith said a very beautiful quote on a talk show, “do or die.” That’s very simple and very basic. It is like adapting the mindset that you have no other choice but to do it.

5. Remember that you have to remain positive all the time. The law doesn’t care about what you think, be it negative or positive. All there is to it is that the stronger your belief towards a thought, the more it will be manifested. Therefore, always think about the good things. Always think about what you want. Always believe that you already have what it is that you want.

6. Receive with all the gladness and joy. Take in your blessings openly. Allow yourself to receive the abundance the universe can offer. If you reject your blessings, you are stopping the flow of prosperity and at the same time, you are decreasing your attracting force. Learn to acknowledge even the smallest things and those with least in value. Appreciate everything that surrounds you. You have to show sincere gratitude. With this, the universe will respond happily to giving you more.

The law of attraction will always work whether you want it or not.

All you have to do is to understand it and know how to use it in your life. Simply apply the principles and live by the belief. Always think this way: “you can always do it, you have all the power to do it, and you have no other choice but to do it!”

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