Attracting Abundance – You Only Get What You Give

By Jonathan Balolong

There is no need to rush things when it comes to attracting abundance in your life. It is impossible to start the process with immediately trying to attract massive abundance and be successful. When you do this, you will surely fail and when you are not that good in dealing with failures, this may cause more frustrations in the future.attracting abundance

How Do I Do it?

For you to be an effective Law of Attraction practitioner, you must be able to give time, effort, and possess a burning desire to learn and achieve your goals. Remember that perfect practice makes perfect. You cannot learn the right way to attract abundance overnight. You must dedicate yourself in learning it and apply tweaks to the process as you go along that you see fit.

Never force anything to happen. You have to learn to be at peace with what is. Forcing something to happen and then failing will result in frustration – a negative emotion that you must learn to remove from your system. Take one step at a time. Start with manifesting small desires to gradually increase your belief level.

Change Your Thoughts

When you change your thoughts, your reality changes. Your thoughts define what you are going to get in life because what you think of you attract. Think of how you see money. If you see it as something bad or that it is the root of evil, there is a problem with how you view money and that hinders you from having the wealth and abundance that you deserve.

Positive beliefs create positive energy. The more positive energy that you send out to the universe, the stronger you attract positive energy. The positive energy that you attract manifests in the form of real friends, good health, or abundance and prosperity.

Deal with negativity by thinking of the things that you now have in your life – things that you appreciate and are thankful for. Focusing on what you lack will attract more things in your life that will make you just see what you do not have at the moment.

attracting abundanceAs the popular saying goes, “You only get what you give.” Be wise and give what you want to receive. Stop thinking of what you lack and never give your focus and energy to negative thoughts like anger, envy, hate, jealousy and the likes. Learn to forgive and forget. Be at peace with what is. Forgiveness is the foundation of peace so never look into the negative traits of others, that’s none of your business.

Start attracting abundance by being proactive and make that positive ball of energy bigger – remember that what you give, you get.

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Attracting Abundance is easy if you know how

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