Viral Marketing Ideas

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a marketing technique that encourages people to pass information such as a Web address to their friends and others, via e-mail, social media etc.  If the recipients also pass the information to their contacts, it can keep spreading from person to person, like a virus.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Basically once you have the information out there, people pass it on and it starts to snowball, giving you more traffic and leads to your business.  If you do Viral Marketing correctly, you can virtually triple your marketing results overnight.

So, How do you get started?  There are lots of techniques in Viral Marketing, so I will talk about some methods I have learnt about over the years…….

Viral Marketing ideas that anyone can use….


Write articles that link to your product or service.  Allow people to reprint your articles wherever they like, such as websites, e-zines, social networking sites or even email.  Make sure you include your resource box and the option for article reprints at the bottom of each article.  People will read your article, and may either pass it on, or publish on their website.  Can you see how this could multiply over time?

viral marketing ideasE-BOOKS

This is a great Viral Marketing method, but not the easiest.  You could write an E-book on a particular topic, and either give it away or sell it with re-sell rights.  You would of course have your website link or affiliate links in there and as the E-book gets passed around, so do your details.  There is lots of free training on writing E-books, so if you have a great E-book idea, get started and pass it out to all your contacts.

“But I can’t write an E-book!!!! “ I hear some of you say…

Well easy fixed, you can purchase the resell rights to other E-books in your niche, and get them re-branded with your details!  There are lots of E-books out there where you can do this, and could be a great idea for those of you that don’t want to write your own E-book.


Make sure when ever you send out or forward an email, you have a signature file with your website details.  This is vitally important.  How often do people forward on information?  Can you see how many people may see your website details just by forwarding an email?  It can be HUGE!  This is Viral Marketing in its purest form.

So, if you haven’t set up a signature file for all outgoing email, I suggest you stop what you are doing, and do it now.

viral marketingYOUTUBE

Youtube is a fantastic Viral Marketing tool.  How many times have you either watched a video on Youtube, then quickly emailed it to your friends and family for them to view?

The same thing can happen when you start posting your own videos.  If you do it regularly enough, you will get lots of free traffic, and you also have the chance of your own video going viral.  It is so easy to do, you just gotta do it!  Using Youtube in your Viral Marketing arsenal is one of the best methods around at the moment.


Everyone loves getting something for free.  Give out as much free stuff to your subscribers, and make sure it all has your details on it.  This could be as we have mentioned before as easy as giving away a free E-book.  Maybe you have free products you could give away, or a free marketing course.  Just think about what you can offer free to your customers and how you could market yourself with it.  This Viral Marketing technique has been around for years, but is still very effective.

Lots of Blog writers use free marketing tips, or traffic tips to give to their subscribers.  A lot of this gets forwarded on, so the chances of it becoming viral are quite high.  Ask yourself the question,  “What can I give out free of charge, that will increase my website traffic? “  See what you come up with, and go for it!

I hope this post has give you a few ideas on Viral Marketing.  Like I said in the beginning, there are lots of Viral Marketing techniques, you just have to try what is right for you.

Overall, Viral Marketing is an excellent way to get huge exposure and massively increase profits.  If your Viral Marketing strategy does a good job of bringing in targeted traffic there is no reason that you should not be able to accomplish any goals you have.

Happy Marketing 🙂

Michael Harrington





Michael Harrington

P.S. If you have any questions or comments on Viral Marketing, please feel free to post below.

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