Social Networking – How does it help us?

social networkingSocial Networking is becoming very popular online, and if you’re not using it, you are probably leaving cash on the table.  Internet Marketing is all about Networking, and using Social Networking sites can make a HUGE difference to your business.

There are lots of Social Networking sites out there and all have their merits.  Each one can be used differently, and some are better than others.  You probably already use these sites on a daily basis…. do you use Facebook? Twitter?  MySpace? Linkedin? I could go on….there are lots to choose from.


social networkingHow does Social Networking increase website traffic?

Friends Friends Friends!!!

Networking is all about making friends.  Friends are what will bring you traffic.  As you add friends, their friends see you and before you know it, your network grows.  It is all about giving value to them, and offering help and support.  One friend at a time, that is all it takes.  Start adding friends to your network now, and watch your website traffic go up!!!!

Blogs for MASSIVE Traffic!!!!

If you are serious about Social Networking, you MUST have a Blog!  And the best part about Blogs is that you can generate a large following over time.  You will also start to see people commenting on your posts, and discussions will start to happen.  Blogs help you become a leader, and people will respect what you have to say.  Please look into making a Blog if you haven’t done so already.  It is also fun interacting with people on your site… Do it now 😉


This is very important.  I have never accepted a friend request, or followed a Blog if they don’t have a picture of themselves.  This is extremely important.  Show the world who you are, what you do, what you like etc.  This makes people feel at home, and they know who they are talking to.  And please please please, don’t have a stupid cartoon as your profile pic.  It’s ok if you’re playing around online, but never if you’re using it to build an online business.

Content Content Content!

Writing good content is the true way to increasing traffic on Social Networking sites.  Pick a subject you know a lot about, and write an article on it.  Then add links back to your promotional website.  It is easy to do, just takes a bit of time.  Good content will bring readers back to your Blog or other Social Networking sites.  Engage your audience!  keep your readers coming back.  Good content will also get picked up by the search engines which will increase your organic traffic.

social networking

I suggest you take a look around and join some of the top Social Networking sites online.  I still love Facebook, and I get leads DAILY using Facebook alone.  Check out my post on Facebook Marketing HERE

I could go on and on about Social Networking sites, but if you stick to the basics, you will build a huge following.  Be honest, friendly, offer advice and show compassion if needed.  Be a friend to the people you meet.  People do business with friends, so be one!

Feel free to look me up in the top Social Networking sites.  I’d love to meet you all there and see what you are up to.

Till next time,

Stay positive

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Michael Harrington

P.S. I’d love to hear your thoughts on some of the top Social Networking sites, Please comment below 🙂


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