does facebook marketing work?

Does Facebook Marketing work?

YES!!! Facebook Marketing does work  if done properly of course.

Facebook marketing is all about building relationships. It isn’t about spamming your opportunity for all to see on your wall. Everyday I see people just posting their business opportunity constantly. This is the equivalent of walking into a crowded room and shouting “JOIN MY BUSINESS!!!”……

Sounds silly but it is true. Would you do this in real life? Then why do it on Facebook?  This isn’t what Facebook marketing is about.

There is a much better approach to Facebook marketing. BUILD RELATIONSHIPS First!

Take an interest in other members and actually have conversations with them. Build rapport and trust with them. People do business with those they like and trust. This is a GOLDEN RULE! Only after you have done this, you would then approach them regarding what you have to offer. This increases your chances quite a lot compared to just blurting it out before they even know your last name.

If they say no, that is ok. Maybe they are just not ready. Keep in touch with them and you never know, one day they may change their mind.

If they say yes, Congratulations!!! Facebook Marketing Works!

So, can you see the difference?

Keep your Facebook Wall full of fun stuff, family, friends, advice reunions etc. Keep the business info out of your wall.

If you want a playground on Facebook where you can just shout out about your business, start an online group, or a Fan Page. I will talk about both of these in more detail in another post.

Facebook marketing should be enjoyable!

Most of all, just enjoy the experience. Facebook Marketing is fun and a great way to meet a lot of new friends and business associates. Just keep it simple, make some new friends, then introduce them to your offer….Only when you have built a solid relationship.

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I hope this helps you in your marketing.

Till next time

Michael Harrington, internet marketer

Michael Harrington




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